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ATS, Automatic Transfer Switches, Mini ATS

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1. VITZROTECH ATS(Automatic Transfer Switches) INTRODUCE


  ● It is a product that passed Type Test for the first time in the country. 

      It provides a stable power and a user-centered safety as well as the reliability and safety  

      based on the quality and intensive technology that are recognized even by UL. 

      VITZRO TECH Auto Transfer Switch is designed and produced by applying a new IT 

      technology and it provides an optimal solution that is suitable in any customer’s 

      environment. It is a premium product equipped with a user-friendly protection function in  

      order to satisfy diverse needs of customers and to ensure the safety. 


  ● Utility _ Its performance was recognized through technology integration and  

                  international standard certifications. 

    - It is a product applied with the accumulated switch design and application technologies, operating  

       machine design technology and insulation design technology. 

    - It is a product with the largest short circuit capacity internationally and domestically, applied with the  

       international standards IEC60947-3 (Switches) and IEC60947-6 (Transfer Switching Equipment). 

    - It is an automatic transfer switch equipped with the breaking capacity and its reliability has improved  

       (Obtained a short circuit certificate through KERI Type Test). 

    - It provides the reliability and safety of the electric equipment based on the stable quality and intensive 

       technology via UL1008 certification. 

    - It is a unique product equipped with both-way breaking capacity considering the distributed power. 


  Compact _ It is possible to install a 600 mm LV panel board for all types through an  

                        optimal reduction of exterior structure 

    - Reduction of max. 73% 

    - It can be built inside the movable generator or UPS since it is in a miniature structure. 

    - It is possible to supply a stable power by composing a separate system. 

    - All types can be installed horizontally and vertically. 


  ● Convenient _ It is easy to carry out maintenance and designed in a safe structure. 

    - It is easy to attach/detach the insulation cover of the front part so that it is easy to identify the

      structural health of the breaking part and connecting terminal part.

    - It is easy to check the switching performance and main contact state through a simple, removable Arc

      Shute structure. 

    - The operational part is protected by a steel cover and the structural health of solenoid can be checked 

      by a simple removable. 


  ● Safety _ Each phase is enclosed separately to improve the breaking capacity and safety. 

    - Each phase is molded and enclosed individually to improve the breaking capacity and to increase the  

       operational cycle of the product. 

    - The operational cycle is semi-permanent since the arc time generated during the switching is short

       and contact consumption is small.

    - It ensures a steady and stable breaking capacity regardless of the operating voltage through an open  

       operation using a separate breaking spring. 

    - It strengthened the main contact protection and breaking capacity using a 4-pole pre-closing and post-

      breaking structural design.

    - The operational cycle of the product is long since it generates little arc due to a superior switching






2-1 Miniature ATS _ HS Types 





2-2 Standard ATS _ WN Types




2-3 Uninterruptible Transfer Types _ ATS CTTS 





As one of the leader in electro-technical industry in Korea, We have been providing the best possible products, services, and solutions to the most of the industry such as nuclear and thermal power plant and substation facilities, and so on since its incorporation in 1955. 


For the past 60 years, VITZROTECH was able to grow stably based on its firm foundation of modernized product facilities, improved Technical and quality standards, technical superiority balanced teamwork and professional service. 


Leading the pleasant and aŠuent field of electric power equipment with state-of-the-art technol-ogy, VITZROTECH is creating new value as well as present new standards, while making a di‹er-ence for a better future, based on thorough knowledge and skills in the fields of heavy electric equipment, power electronics and aerospace. 


It is our sincere hope that the statement and information presented herein may help you the better understanding of VITZROTECH, as a financially responsible enterprise whose past performance and technical experience clearly expresses the sole commitment to your Project implementation. 


We assure you of our preparation and cooperation to the fullest extent and hope to have the honor and opportunity to serve as the Reliable partner. 



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Mr.KIM J.W. / Manager of Plant Power System Business Unit 

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ATS- Automatic Transfer Switches- Mini ATS

ATS- Automatic Transfer Switches- Mini ATS

ATS- Automatic Transfer Switches- Mini ATS

ATS- Automatic Transfer Switches- Mini ATS