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SPD, Surge Protective Device,surge suppressor

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1. VITZROTECH SPD (Surge Protective Device) INTRODUCE

  ● VITZRO TECH Surge Protective Device (SPD) is a product that satisfies the

      requirements of international standard, IEC 61643-1 / 61643-21 and there are SPD for  

      power and communication/signal which are suitable in relation with “MLTM No. 

      140 Article 20 Lightning Arrestor.” Especially, SPD for power is a product that 

      meets all the operating requirements based on the Industrial Standard, and it is a product  

      standardized for the local technological environment. 


  ● OTOWA ZnO Varistor Parts Technology 

    - OTOWA is a firm specializing in lightning and surge protection for the last 60 years and is leading the  

       surge arrestor and low-voltage SPD technology within Japan. 

       In particular, the firm has constantly performed R&D on the lightning surge protection field and  

       accumulated experiences which led to the up-to-date technology on ZnO, the core part of SPD.  

       It is the basis for world-best SPD final product with high reliability and stability. 


  ● Accumulated Experience, Design based on Actual Test Evaluation 

    - VITZRO SPD product is designed and manufactured based on the low-voltage surge protection  

       technology that is accumulated for more than 60 years by OTOWA and this technology is already  

       applied to large communication & network companies, control system field, various infrastructure  

       facilities and industrial fields within Japan and its performance is verified. 

       In addition, there is an actual testing technology that can evaluate all stages from the materials of  

       elements to the parts and final products. Also, it ensures a qualitative and quantitative production

       based on ISO-9001.


  ● VITZRO, Leading Local Surge Protection Technology 

    - VITZRO is a firm that specializes in the local heavy electric equipments and core parts of up-to-date  

       system industry. As a leading company in the local surge protection field, we are supplying 

       highvoltage surge arrestors and HV/LV line devices to KEPCO(Korea Electric Power Corporation)

       and various industrial fields. As it approaches the up- to-date information-oriented era, we supply high

       -quality LV surge protection products developed to be suitable for the local environment.


















As one of the leader in electro-technical industry in Korea, We have been providing the best possible products, services, and solutions to the most of the industry such as nuclear and thermal power plant and substation facilities, and so on since its incorporation in 1955. 


For the past 60 years, VITZROTECH was able to grow stably based on its firm foundation of modernized product facilities, improved Technical and quality standards, technical superiority balanced teamwork and professional service. 


Leading the pleasant and aŠuent field of electric power equipment with state-of-the-art technol-ogy, VITZROTECH is creating new value as well as present new standards, while making a di‹er-ence for a better future, based on thorough knowledge and skills in the fields of heavy electric equipment, power electronics and aerospace. 


It is our sincere hope that the statement and information presented herein may help you the better understanding of  

VITZROTECH, as a financially responsible enterprise whose past performance and technical experience clearly expresses the sole commitment to your Project implementation. 


We assure you of our preparation and cooperation to the fullest extent and hope to have the honor and opportunity to serve as the Reliable partner. 



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Mr.KIM J.W. / Manager of Plant Power System Business Unit 

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SPD- Surge Protective Device-surge suppressor

SPD- Surge Protective Device-surge suppressor

SPD- Surge Protective Device-surge suppressor