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Digital Protection Relay, Digital Meter

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1. VITZROTECH IED & Controller(Digital Protection Relay & Control Meter) INTRODUCE


 1-1 Digital Protection Relay _ VIPAM SERIES 


  ● VIPAM SERIES IED (Integrated Electronic Device) is a digital protection relay that

      enables a high-precision measurement and protection relay for switchgear power 

      equipments. The switchgear panel became compact by connecting various protection  

      functions with DSP algorithm and high-speed logic function to enable a flexible  

      engineering. It is the IED with variety of interfaces with the upper system resulting in  

      an electronic distribution panel solution. 


  ● 7”TFT-LCD(HD) is used to check diverse information, the machinery operation and

      setting are simplified, providing Korean or English and operators can easily use the  

      device with an intuitive operation method. Especially, the existing communication  

      method (MODBUS, DNP3.) and an international standard, IEC61850, essential for the  

      smart grid configuration are adopted so that it can be applied to all facility equipments  

      and for improvement and repair. The network is redundant and high-speed data  

      transmission between IEDs is realized for the reliability of communication. 


  ● A management program is used on PC for IED value setting, logic design, value  

      monitoring, output control and so forth. RS232 port in front of VIPAM SERIRES  

      uses PC HMI software to support additional services including the device setting,  

      measurement, power monitoring and saving /modifying/recovering values  

      [relay factors]. Also, Fault Wave Data to analyze relay-relevant information can be  



  ● Common Features 

    - Over-Current Relay Instantaneous & Time Delay Element, OCR(50, 51) 

    - Ground Over-Current Relay Instantaneous &Time Delay Element, OCGR(50G, 51G) 

    - Directional Over-Current Relay Instantaneous &Time Delay Element, DOCR(67P) 

    - Directional Ground Over-Current Relay Instantaneous &Time Delay Element, DOCGR(67N) 

    - Selective Ground Relay Definite Time Element, SGR(67G) 

    - Over Voltage Relay Time Delay Element, OVR(59) 

    - Low Voltage Relay Time Delay Element, UVR(27) 

    - Over Voltage Ground Relay Time Delay Element, OVGR(64G) 

    - Open-Phase Relay Definite Time Element, POR(47P) 

    - Negative-Phase Over Voltage Relay Definite Time Element, NSOVR(47N) 

    - Negative-Phase Over Current Relay Definite Time Element, NSOCR(46) 

    - Over Frequency Relay Definite Time Element, OFR(81O) 

    - Under Frequency Relay Definite Time Element, UFR(81U) 

    - Synchronization Detection, Sync(25) 

    - Reclosing Relay, Auto-Reclosing(79) 

    - Inrush Detection, Inrush Detector(68) 


  ● Feeder & Motor protection type only Features 

    - Under Current Relay Definite Time Element, UCR(37) 

    - Thermal Relay, THR(49) 

    - 48/51LR 

    - Flasher Relay, NCHR(66) 


  ● Distributed Generation type only Features 

    - Forward/Backward Active Over Power Relay Definite Time Element, OPR(32P) 

    - Forward/Backward Reactive Over Power Relay Definite Time Element, OQR(32Q) 

    - Under Power Relay Definite Time Element, UPR(32U) 

    - ROCOF(81R) 


  ● Transformers protection type only Features 

    - Ratio Differential Relay(87) 

    - LOCKOUT RELAY(86) 

    - Interruption Failure Protection(50BF) 


  ● Power Quality 

    - Harmonic(Voltage and Current of each Phase) 

    - K-Factor, Crest Factor 

    - Sag / Swell 


  ● Measurement 

    - Current(Phase, Ground, Zero Phase) 

    - Voltage(Phase, Phase-Phase, Ground) 

    - Power(Active, Reactive, Apparent) 

    - Electric Energy(Active, Reactive, Apparent) 

    - Reverse Electric Energy(Active, Reactive, Apparent) 

    - Power-Factor(PF) 

    - Frequency(Hz) 

    - Demand(Current, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power) 


  ● Input/Output Channel 

    - 5 for Current Input(3 for Phase, 1 for Ground, 1 for ZCT) 

    - 5 for Voltage Input(3 for Phase, 1 for GPT, 1 for Bus) 

    - 22 for Digital Input(22 for User) 

    - 20 for Digital Output (2 for CB ON, 2 for CB OFF & Trip, 15 for User, 1 for System Fail) 


  ● Communication 

    - 1 Front RS232 Port(For PC HM) 

    - 2 Rear RS422/485 Ports(For DNP3.0, MODBUS RTU) 


  ● Display 

    - 7”TFT LCD 800 X 480 Color Graphic LCD Adopted 

    - Run Status Display with 28 LEDs 


  ● Storage Data 

    - COS Record [1,000ea stored] 

    - SOE Record [1,000ea stored] 

    - Fault List [300ea stored] 

    - Fault Wave Record [20ea stored] 

    - DO Count Record 

    - Demand Record 



 1-2 Digital Control Meter _ VIMAC SERIES 


  ● VIMAC SERIES used the up-to-date measurement technology and is designed to 

      meet the specifications on power quality, measurement and control that are required  

      on site. It is a multifunctional digital-concentrated measurement device that can 

      monitor various measurement elements so as to handle the power systems that are  

      changing in a more complicated way. Unlike the existing method that requires  

      peripheral analogue or digital measurement equipments, the body of VIMAC SERIES 

      is equipped with all the digital measurement elements to minimize the time and spatial  

      loss. All the measurements and relay values are digitized to ensure the reliability and  

      precision. VIMAC SERIES uses DSP to perform a highly reliable and precise  

      measurement function. Various measurement elements are repeatedly computed in  

      real-time to enable the precise and high-speed measurement. 


  ● Equipped with various power system measuring elements, controls CB and monitors Fault 


  ● Displays phase data of voltage/current and monitor wrong connections, load state and 

      etc with the naked eyes 


  ● Measure & alarm abnormal waveforms including various noise wave, sag and swell  

      that are loaded on voltage using Digital Filter 


  ● Ensures the reliability of setting and control since it is equipped with user password  

      input function & SBO function 


  ● Over-current, ground over-current, ground over voltage, under-voltage, over power  

      and power-factor alarm 


  ● Power Factor Control Function(6 Bank) 


  ● Event function, Fault storing function, waveform storing 


  ● Provide PC monitoring function. 


  ● Measure voltage and current harmonics and THD of each phase 


  ● High-Precision Measurement Function 

    - 3-Phase Voltage, Phase-phase voltage, Current 

    - Zero Phase Voltage/Zero Phase Current 

    - Active/Reverse/Reactive/Apparent Power 

    - Active/Reverse/Reactive/Apparent Electric Energy 

    - Power Factor/Frequency 

    - Voltage/Current Harmonics (32-Harmonic) 

    - Voltage/Current THD 

    - K-Factor/C-Factor 

    - Temperature/Analog Input 


  Max & Demand Function 

    - Max Voltage/Current 

    - Max Zero Phase Voltage/Zero Phase Current 

    - Max Power 

    - Demand Current/Power 

    - Voltage/Current Angle 


  ● Communication Function 

    - Communication Mode : RS232, RS422/485 

    - Communication Speed : Maximum 64kbps 

    - Communication Protocol : MODBUS RTU 

    - Connection Mode : RS422/485, 2/4Wire Multidrop 





2-1 Digital Protection Relay _ VIPAM SERIES




2-2 Digital Control Meter _ VIMAC SERIES






As one of the leader in electro-technical industry in Korea, We have been providing the best possible products, services, and solutions to the most of the industry such as nuclear and thermal power plant and substation facilities, and so on since its incorporation in 1955. 


For the past 60 years, VITZROTECH was able to grow stably based on its firm foundation of modernized product facilities, improved Technical and quality standards, technical superiority balanced teamwork and professional service. 


Leading the pleasant and aŠuent field of electric power equipment with state-of-the-art technol-ogy, VITZROTECH is creating new value as well as present new standards, while making a di‹er-ence for a better future, based on thorough knowledge and skills in the fields of heavy electric equipment, power electronics and aerospace. 


It is our sincere hope that the statement and information presented herein may help you the better understanding of VITZROTECH, as a financially responsible enterprise whose past performance and technical experience clearly expresses the sole commitment to your Project implementation. 


We assure you of our preparation and cooperation to the fullest extent and hope to have the honor and opportunity to serve as the Reliable partner. 



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Request more information about our products 


Mr.KIM J.W. / Manager of Plant Power System Business Unit 

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Digital Protection Relay- Digital Meter

Digital Protection Relay- Digital Meter

Digital Protection Relay- Digital Meter